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  1. hello. i would like to inquire how much is the rate for a wedding package 1 airbrush make up and 6 conventional make up. what is the brand of the make up you use? wedding is on may 18, 2013; 3:30pm at malolos cathedral. reception at felizza jaz. pls send me the rates at dianahingco@yahoo.com

    i admire your work. its clean simple and beautiful. 🙂

  2. hi! how much is your rate for wedding package HMU? 6 conventional make up, and can you give me the rate for airbrush make up as well. Thanks!

  3. hi would like to inquire about your airbrush wedding package and can u send also rates if infividuals thanks do you have office so i can visit also, wedding date june22,2014 barasoain church

  4. Hi!
    How much for your traditional makeup package and airbrush package?
    Wedding is on December at lakeshore pampanga thanks!

  5. Hello Ms. Pan. Just want to inquire kung magkano po ang airbrush makeup and hairstyle for bride and 2 adults.. pakiemail na rin po kung magkano yung rates nyo sa traditional package. You were recommended po by Brianne. The wedding will be in July 20,2014.

  6. Hello Ms. Ella! I would like to inquire both of your hair and make up packages.. Wedding is on June 20, 2015 at Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish Church. Thank you

  7. Hi. Saw your great works. May I request for your list of packages/rates? your response will be very much appreciated. thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Ms. Ella, just wanna ask your package rate for a wedding? It’s on January 2016 in Sta. Maria Bulacan. Thank you! :))

  9. Hi may i know ur rate for traditional and airbrush (for bride only)? Our event will be on dec 2015,from stamaria bulacn.thanks

  10. Hi ms ella
    I wanna inquire for wedding. October this year. At the greenery bulacan.
    Bride. Mother of bride and groom. Then 3sisters. We want a traditional make up
    appreciate your reply.


  11. Hi Ms. Pan inquire lang po magkano packages nyo sa air brush and traditional make up..wedding is on July 4 at SJDM Bulacan..thanks

  12. hi. can i ask how much for you airbrush package for the bride, mother of d bride, 6 bridesmaids. nov 2015 greenery.

  13. hi ms.pan.. inquire ko lang po magkano wedding package nyo for airbrush and traditional makeup for the bride,mother of the bride,6bridemaids …event will be on december @ sjdm… magkano din pagkage mo for the prenup hmu… thanks..

  14. Hi Miss Ella,
    Would like to inquire about your airbrush package for the wedding + pre-nup.
    May 28, Agatha Hotel.
    Thank you po.

  15. hi. may i request for a quotation regarding packages 1 and 2
    venue will be at clearwater resort at clark angeles pampanga

    thank you

  16. Hi Ms. Ella, may i know rates for package 1 and 2, pre nup rate and trial makenup? For June 2016 at sta. Maria Bulacan. thanks ☺

  17. Hi Ms. Ella, I would like to inquire the rates of package 1 & 2, add on: prenup, and traditional make-up for adult per head.
    Date: May 2016
    Location: Bulakan, Bulacan

  18. Hi Ms. Ella, I would like to inquire the rates of package 1 & 2, add on: prenup, and traditional make-up for adult per head.
    Date: Jan.2017
    Loc: Balanga Bataan

  19. Hi pls email me your prenup packages. Location: Tagaytay or Ilocos. to confirm pa. June 2017 wedding. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  20. Hi Ms Ella, I also sent a DM into your instagram account. Can you please send me the details of your packages my email add as well as the rates? Thank you so much.

    Location: barasoain church
    Date: Dec 26,2017

  21. Hi ms ella..may i know ur rates for wedding package?also with prenup?. The location is in bacolor pampanga. Thank u!

  22. Hi Ms. Ella, pwede po paquote ng conventional make-up package nyo for wedding. And pre-nup narin po. Dec. 28, 2017 po wedding (undecided pa if BarCie Int’l Center or The Cabanas Pavilion kami) Hoping for your feedback po. Thank you!

  23. Hi Ms. Ella, papaquote po ako for your conventional make-up package for wedding on December 28, 2017 Malolos Bulacan area po ang event. Paki-include narin po yung for prenup shoot package. Thank you!

  24. Hi Ms.Ella,
    Can you send me the rate for Airbrush package?
    Location: Either of these 3 locations in Tagaytay (Balai Taal/Clearwater/Casablanca)
    Wedding Date: May 5, 2018
    Also, may i know the rate if i included the bridesmaid for HMUA?

    Thank you,

  25. Hi Ms. Ella,

    I would like to inquire on how much is your rate for the following:
    1. Airbrush package for May 19, 2018 in Galilee Wonderland Resort
    2. Prenup Pictorial Make-up in Subic

    Cha Galvez

  26. Hi! How much po ang rate ng wedding package ninyo. Paki include na rin po ang individual traditional make up and pre-nup. Event will be on september 8,2018 at marilao, bulacan. Thanks

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