Hair Asia Competition ( March 3, 2015 ) World Trade Center


It’s my first time to join this kind of competition, a competition for the makeup artist like me… It will test my ability and skills of being a makeup artist… I don’t expect to much but i did try my very best 🙂 Being awarded as Most Outstanding Bridal Makeup is heartfelt award and no money can buy…

It was nerve racking experience, as about to start my hands cold as ice, heart beating fast, about to faint. as the guidelines says we only have 30 mins to finish the makeup (really?!) Well yeah! As for the start literally my hands were shaking really bad, as iam fiiling up the brows of my model, the lines were out of nowhere but then i managed to stay alive (LOL) Managed to finished my work at the nick of time… It was really hard ( as it was my first, will see on the second time hihi) But thank God for the Award!!! Thank you to the people who help me and support me… 🙂

Here are some pictures that i took at the competition.  🙂

 My medal “Most Outstanding Bridal Makeup”

20150303_23473920150303_23481820150303_195718 20150303_195724

my model as she walked down the ramp20150303_195725 20150303_203313

Me and my Model at the stage after awarding 🙂
20150303_203317 20150303_203329 20150303_203658
20150303_203858My Model Chelsea Manalo

My team who helped me 🙂

Thank you  so much to Chelsea Manalo my stunning model, her mom Tessa Manalo for ur trust and confidence in me, To Nelson Agustin my hairstylist who genuinely support me and helped me, to Lel Santos for assisting us and helping through out.20150303_204408 20150303_204417 20150303_204640 20150303_204651thanks to my hairstylist Nelson Agustin for my Models hairstyle20150303_204702i have no time to retouch my self due to stressed and excitement20150303_204956 20150303_204958me with my co mua 🙂20150303_205116 20150303_222736 aftermath,  late dinner time

(we don’t have time to eat at the location due to limited seats and space) 20150303_222754

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