Bride Louise

Date | January 6, 2018

Prep Place | Grace Harbour Pavillion

Ceremony | Grace Harbour Pavilion

Reception | Grace Harbour Pavillion

My First bride this 2018 😊

Before and After 

Pictures from my cam 🙂 

Photo opt with my bride 

Richard + Lovilette Wedding ( January 25, 2014 ) St. Joseph Serenity House /

Conventional  Makeup by Ella Pan
Hair by Thope
Preparation: St. Joseph House of Serenity
Reception: St. Joseph House of Serenity

Before and After Photo


Photos from my cam 🙂

DSCF6291 DSCF6302 IMG_20140125_094713 IMG_20140125_113537 IMG_20140125_122447

Official Photos from Silver Spirit

1545163_10152156545817180_1527796770_n 1619434_10152156545387180_1833724211_n

Justine + Wyeth Wedding ( December 19, 2013 ) Mt. Carmel Church / The Greenery

Conventional  Makeup by Ella Pan
Hair by Nelson
Preparation: The Greenery
Church: Mt. Carmel Parish
Reception: The Greenery

I do it light… I do it natural

Before and After Photo


Official Photos by Soft Shots Photography

400637_10201514557934926_329303648_n 1607061_10201514558894950_1721017808_n 1618595_10201514553654819_881428690_n (1) 1622837_10201514564375087_1528245501_n 1780612_10201514559734971_616757458_n 1780790_10201514555214858_1436037678_n 1800204_10201514558454939_1414682239_n 1902973_10201514556494890_779038456_n 1920546_10201514554494840_1820202158_n 1947559_10201514560935001_1479342435_n 1962789_10201514555854874_779060010_n

Photos from  my cam 🙂

IMG_20131219_132859 IMG_20131219_134543 IMG_20131219_134712 IMG_20131219_135852 IMG_20131219_140717 IMG_20131219_142634 IMG_20131219_142911 IMG_20131219_143408 IMG_20131219_145055 IMG_20131219_165627 IMG_20131219_170746

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Eli + Grace Wedding ( December 14, 2013 ) Frontera Resort Angat Bulacan

Airbrush Makeup by Ella Pan
Hair by Nelson
Preparation: Frontera Resort, Angat Bulacan
Church: Frontera Resort, Angat Bulacan
Reception: Frontera Resort, Angat Bulacan

I do it light… I do it natural

Before and After Photo

Photos from my cam 🙂


IMG_20131214_144534 IMG_20131214_144602 IMG_20131214_155554 IMG_20131214_160820 IMG_20131214_174417

Richard + Toni E-session ( December 15, 2013 ) The Lakeshore

Conventional  Makeup by Ella Pan
Location: The Lakeshore
Styling and Photo by: Pinwheel Crafts



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